Wills are an essential part of any effective estate plan. While trusts don’t exactly fit everyone’s needs, wills can make life easier for many people while they are still living and can help their family members after they pass away. There are many do-it-yourself last will and testament options available across the internet. However, creating a will on your own or with the help of some website can end up biting you in the end.

Wills are often crafted with legalese, so it is critical that you get the most effective help possible when putting together a will. Some mistakes that commonly occur when people set up their own wills are missing beneficiaries, unwanted beneficiaries, focusing solely on physical assets, forgetting about burial plans, overlooking pets, and more. Let us help you avoid those mistakes. Call our Cedar Rapids estate planning law firm today and craft a will with an experienced attorney that can walk you through all of your choices going forward.

What Do I Do If I Need to Add or Remove a Beneficiary?

Needing to add or remove a beneficiary from an established will can be difficult to do on your own. We understand that circumstances change. You may need to add additional beneficiaries depending on the circumstances of your life. You may also need to remove beneficiaries that are no longer in your life or that have passed away. With the help of a Cedar Rapids wills lawyer, you can modify the beneficiaries in your will with relative ease. Reach out to us today so we can help you reach your estate planning goals as soon as possible.

How Can a Wills Attorney Help Me Avoid Mistakes When Crafting a Will?

We have developed and looked through countless wills over the years. We know all of the mistakes and errors that go into invalid wills and we hone in on details to ensure those same mistakes are not present in your will. Wills are not the same for every client with help. Our law firm can custom-tailor your will specifically for your needs.

Are All Wills Lawyers the Same?

Choosing a wills lawyer that doesn’t just see you as a client but sees you as a human being can be very important when it comes to getting the best service possible for your estate planning needs. Our experienced and compassionate estate planning law firm can help you with wills, trusts, and much more. Reach out to Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC today by calling 319-804-8346 to learn more about how we can help you with all of your estate planning needs.