Life does not always go as planned for many people living in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Change may be needed from time to time, especially when circumstances outside of your control require you to take control of another adult as their guardian. You may have to take guardianship of an adult if the person you are taking guardianship of is no longer competent enough to take care of themselves. This does not necessarily mean they are suffering from a mental illness.

There are various reasons why you may have to take guardianship of an adult. In non-contested guardianship cases, the ward, or the person whom you are taking guardianship of, can determine which guardian is right for them. If you need assistance in setting up a guardianship, give Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC a call today at 319-804-8346 to get started.

How Do I Get Started Filing for Adult Guardianship?

In order to file for adult guardianship, you first have to file a petition as to why you believe guardianship of the prospective ward should take place. Putting together an effective petition may be complicated as Iowa has many specific laws regarding guardianship and conservatorships. One of those laws is that you must file your petition in the same place that your prospective ward is currently living in. To understand more about the guardianship process, reach out to a Cedar Rapids guardianship lawyer today.

How Can a Cedar Rapids Estate Planning Lawyer Help?

Getting the help of a lawyer for a guardianship case, even if it is uncontested, may help you avoid any delays or other pitfalls that might occur. The process of filing a guardianship can be long and complicated without the right legal assistance helping you every step of the way. A Cedar Rapids guardianship lawyer with years of experience can make your process a breeze and can ensure that you and your loved one are protected moving forward. Give our law firm a call today to see how we can help you with your case.

Which Estate Planning Law Firm is Right for Me?

Not every estate planning law firm can assist you with your adult guardianship needs. With so much at stake, you should take every precaution you can to make sure your process goes as smoothly as possible going forward. Reach out to Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC today by calling 319-804-8346 to learn more about how we can help you with all of your estate planning needs.