Incapacity planning has various facets that make it up. Understanding your options as you develop your own incapacity plan with the help of our law firm can make it easier for you going forward. We want to make sure you not only get the protection you need for the future but that you also understand what those protections consist of. One of the most effective ways to plan for your incapacity in the future is to set up a power of attorney. A power of attorney essentially grants someone of your choosing to act on your behalf in case you become incapacitated.

There are various powers of attorney that you can choose from. Each type of power of attorney can do specific things. Talk with our Cedar Rapids estate planning law firm today to learn more about the powers of attorney you can have at your disposal by calling 319-804-8346.

How Do I Know Which Power of Attorney I Need?

With so many choices, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly which power of attorney can best work for you. We can advise you depending on your needs to ensure you institute the power of attorney that is right for your situation. Some powers of attorney are broader and give your agent more control over your estate and affairs. Other powers of attorney are limited or only focus on one aspect of your life that can be controlled. Whatever your needs are, our law firm can provide you with the service and guidance you need going forward.

Is Setting Up a Power of Attorney Right for Me?

Setting up a power of attorney may seem like a major decision. Giving up power, even if you become incapacitated, may seem like a difficult choice to make. However, you are in complete control over what powers your agent has over you and you can choose which agent can make decisions on your behalf. Let us help you achieve your estate planning goals today by reaching out to us for help.

How Can an Incapacity Planning Lawyer Help Me With Powers of Attorney?

An incapacity planning attorney in Cedar Rapids can clear up any questions you have regarding powers of attorney. With so many potential options to choose from, you can rest assured that our law firm can help you set up a power of attorney that is right for you. Reach out to Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC today by calling 319-804-8346 to learn more about how we can help you with all of your estate planning needs.