Probate can be daunting, especially without having someone guiding you through the process. As stressful as probate can potentially be, it is an essential part of someone’s death. Following the death of the grantor of an estate, the probate process allows the estate to be properly administered in accordance with the will that was left behind. In the will, an executor may be appointed.

The executor is required to administer the estate during the probate process. Although the estate administration process may seem easy at first, it can get much more complicated as probate progresses. Seeking legal advice and guidance during probate as an executor can benefit you greatly going forward. Contact our Cedar Rapids estate planning law firm today at 319-804-8346 to get the representation and help you need moving forward.

What are My Duties as an Executor?

As an executor, you have many duties, small and large, that the beneficiaries of your estate expect you to do in an efficient and effective manner. Many estates, especially large ones, have a lot of unfinished business that needs to be taken care of. Whether it is paying taxes, paying off creditors, selling real estate property, managing assets, managing real estate property, and taking care of investments, your duties as an executor can become overwhelming, especially if you do not know where to begin. That is where we come in. Our estate planning law firm in Cedar Rapids will do whatever it takes to make sure your probate process goes as smoothly as possible.

Can I Be Held Legally Responsible for Not Administering an Estate Correctly?

As an executor, you have what is called a “fiduciary” responsibility to administer an estate to the best of your ability. Because the executor has a lot of control over an estate, they also have tremendous liabilities if they did not do their duties the way they were supposed to. For example, if you go against what the will dictates, you are breaching the fiduciary duty you accepted. Let us help you with your estate administration duties to ensure you don’t face any legal action following the probate process.

Can Any Lawyer Help Me with the Estate Administration Process?

Not just any lawyer can assist you with your probate needs. It requires an experienced and skilled estate planning attorney to truly make a difference for you during the estate administration process. We can help you resolve disputes and administer your estate. Reach out to Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC today by calling 319-804-8346 to learn more about how we can help you with all of your estate planning needs.